Frequently asked questions About Kids Electric Cars, Bikes, Quads & Scooters


What size battery is most suitable for my kids electric toy car?

It is very important that you buy the most suitable size battery powered toy vehicle for your kids or grandchildren. Please see below for the most suitable age ranges for each size toy car battery. You will clearly see on all our kids electric toy product descriptions which we state the suitable age ranges for each kids toy.


As kids car battery ranges are from 6volt to 48volt the battery is all about the amount of speed and power the vehicle will be capable of achieving. If your kid or grand-kid is much smaller of larger than the average child for their age then you would need to use your personal knowledge as to whether it may be better to get an kids electric toy that is a larger size than recommended or indeed smaller size? You can always email our dedicated customer service team us at sales@kidselectriccars.co.uk if you have any questions you may like us to answer.


Kids Electric Toy Car Battery Size Guide:
6v battery vehicles are suitable for ages from 12 months - 3 years
12v battery vehicles are suitable for ages 3-5 years
24v battery vehicles are suitable for ages 5+ years
48v battery vehicles are suitable for ages 6+ and over
Parents and guardians have their own discretion

Do Our Kids ride-on cars arrive assembled?
Most arrive part-assembled and normally require 20 mins or so to put together. This can be quite fun to do as all men like to get the tool kit out and start building. Think of it as a large model kit!


How long will delivery take?
Usually 2 working days from ordering. We will let you know if we cannot get the delivery to you in 2 working days.


Returns & refunds?
You have 14 days to return for whatever reason, original packaging must be kept. Please see our delivery and returns page for further information


How long do I need to leave the battery on charge?
Usually 8-12 hours before use