John Deere 12v Ground Force Tractor & Trailer by Peg Perego

We have had a couple of pedal tractors in the past so thought we’d give an electric one a go. I did a bit of research and found that Peg perego had a really good reputation. When we got it out of the box, you can tell it’s a good quality product. The steering wheel and controls are very sturdy. Our last tractor was a bit flimsy but the john deere can definitely take a few knocks. It was quick to set up and connecting the trailer was very simple too.

There are loads of nice touches like the adjustable seat, which will keep us going for a few years and the FM radio for music. You can also connect your phone to play your own songs. Having the electric pedal is great when we go for a family walk as the tractor goes along at a nice pace.

Roger Gunnarsson, 04/24/2016
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