Licensed Feber Luxury Range Rover Sport 12v Kids Electric Jeep

There are a few Range Rover ride on cars out there and we’ve been disappointed with one from another supplier in the past, so wanted a decent quality jeep this time. Some close friends bought a Feber Ferrari and our little girl loved it. They’d had theirs for a couple of months with no issues so thought we’d go for a Feber one too.

The Range Rover is great as Emily likes to take her teddies out when we go for a walk, so now they have a passenger seat. This is a great sized jeep for two kids or one with lots of bears! It’s a really well put together jeep with Range Rover badges, working lights and full doors. There are in built sounds and a speaker input too which we have connected an iPod shuffle to for her.

Shelley Haynes, 01/19/2017
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